As a client, you’re not just paying for an illustration. You’re also paying for someone to understand you, work with you through difficult ideas, build something from scratch, and create something that captures a moment in time.

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I got inspired to work on Artisfy after commissioning Ryan Shaw. He was the first illustrator I'd ever hired, and the experience was mesmerizing. Not only did he read the short story on which the illustration was based, but he actually liked it. He understood why someone would want to tell a story like the one I had, and he enjoyed helping me bring it to life.

This is why you’d want to use a service like Artisfy. You get to tell a story about something meaningful to you and have someone else understand it enough to turn it into a full-color illustration—and then, all of a sudden, that understanding becomes communicable. All of those back-and-forth messages between you and the artist suddenly become worth it. Now, you can share the result of that process with others and they can instantly see the idea that took you months of work to develop and refine.

final step of illustration process

It’s addictive, really, the idea that you can communicate an idea to someone who will translate it into an image that anyone can comprehend. When I added the illustration that Ryan created to the top of my story, I was proud and nervous and hopeful. I was doing something I’d never done before: I was letting someone peek inside and see, actually see, a piece of the world I was writing about.

Before I hired Ryan Shaw to make that illustration, the idea of posting stories online hardly seemed worth it to me. But now, 2 years later, I'm still posting.

When I think about all the ideas that are buried inside people’s heads or written on pages that have been locked away somewhere, I want to find the key that will unlock them and bring them into the light. A big part of this, in my opinion, is convincing authors, project leaders, and creative people of every vein that other people can see their visions, too.

This is what Artisfy is about—whether it's a full-color image, an animation, or just a sketch, it provides hard evidence that someone else can feel the power of what you’re saying and relate to it. And that’s something I want more people to experience.