There’s a magic in bringing something to life. It’s not just a matter of setting aside the time, as anyone who’s sat in front of a blank piece of paper can attest to. It takes skill, discipline, and a well-developed creative habit to be able to take an idea and turn it into something real.

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With Artisfy, I want to showcase artists who are able to consistently create beautiful illustrations from scratch—and I want to showcase their process as much as the final results, so other aspiring artists, as well as potential clients, can see what it really takes.

Every illustration project that’s commissioned through Artisfy gets a public page where thumbnail versions of every update to the project are displayed. This lets people see that the best creative work often takes more intermediate steps than they might expect.

an example illustration process

Seeing all of the stages of an illustration also gives potential clients a good idea of an artist’s style upfront, so they can determine whether they’re choosing the right artist before they make a commitment.

This key feature distinguishes Artisfy from almost every other creative design service. Many other freelance websites and artist portfolios only give prospective clients a partial view. They show the finished products, but not how they changed over time, how well the artist adapted to changing circumstances, or even how long a project took. When a client is looking to dedicate the next few months to working with an artist, it makes sense that he or she would want to know about the step-by-step process the artist has used to develop other projects in the past.

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