Ever since artists started signing up to Artisfy a few weeks ago, I’ve been excited about building this feature. It is, by far, the most requested feature!

It’s pretty simple to use. There’s a new page, accessible from profile pages, that lets artists upload images from past projects. Each image represents the progress made in one hour of the creative process. Anyone can view these images by clicking on the projects displayed on the artists’ profile pages.

See this feature in action here:

Here’s a link to my profile page, where I uploaded the progress made on the Artisfy logo, hour by hour.

The purpose of this feature is to give requesters an idea of what it’ll be like to work with a given artist, while also showing what types of projects an artist prefers. The idea is, after a requester visits an artist’s profile page and sees some of these projects, he or she will be much more likely to hire that artist for a similar project.

Answers to some questions about this feature:

How many projects can I upload this way?

You can upload as many projects as you want. If you’re logged into an artist account, you can access this feature using this link: Upload a Project or the link on your profile page.

Where will these projects show up?

They will show up on your profile page. This is a safeguard to prevent potentially inappropriate images from appearing on the home page.

However, if good, high-quality projects are uploaded this way, I may allow these types of projects to display on the homepage and/or the Discover page.

Will these projects affect my artist stats (e.g., my “average cost to complete a project”)?

Unfortunately, they won’t affect your stats. Only projects created and managed with Artisfy will affect an artist’s stats. This is partly to prevent abuse (artists manipulating their stats by uploading projects with unrealistic numbers), but also to ensure requesters get an accurate idea of what an artist is like to work with while using Artisfy, as opposed to a different method or service.