Requesting services via Artisfy used to mean that clients provided payment information and then were immediately charged—even before they knew whether or not the artists were interested in their projects.

This didn’t make a lot of sense. Consequently, I updated the request process to make this simpler. Now, after a client requests an artist, he or she still provides payment details but is not charged until an artist accepts the request.

Answers to some likely questions:

What happens if an artist rejects my request or doesn’t respond to it?

You aren’t charged for the request. You can message the artist and discuss it with him or her, or you can try submitting the same request to another artist.

What happens if a requester’s payment fails?

The artist will be notified and the project will be put on hold. The requester will receive an email asking him or her to correct his or her payment information.

Can I cancel a request after I send it?

This feature is coming soon! For now, just send me a message, and I’ll do my best to cancel your request before the artist accepts it.

Does this change anything else?

As a requester, you can now request an artist who has set his or her status to “busy”! If the artist responds, you’re good to go, and if he or she doesn’t, you won’t be charged.