I’ve got 3 small feature announcements lined up, so I grouped them into one post!

1. Messages, comments, and requests now show up in emails!

Before this update, when you received an email telling you about a message or request on Artisfy, you had to go to the site and login to read it. Now, it’s shown right in the email message!

Before and after email change

To respond to the message, you have to go to the site rather than replying to the email. This is something I’ll try to improve down the line :)

2. All the pages have titles now!

Before this update, every page on the site had the title of “Artisfy,” so that’s all you’d see in your browser tab, no matter which page you were on. Now, every page is unique! You can tell if you’re browsing the Messages page or an artist’s profile page just by looking at the tab title. (I’m a little embarrassed that Artisfy didn’t launch with this feature in place; it just slipped my mind....)

Before and after page titles

3. Profile URLs

The original idea for the profile was other people would access it at artisfy.com/profile/your-name, while you’d be able to use that method of access or just go to artisfy.com/profile to get to it. This seemed simple and convenient. However, I later realized this makes it hard (if not downright impossible) for artists to copy links to their own profiles. :(

So, I changed it back! Now everyone just sees artisfy.com/profile/your-name in his or her URL bar. If you’re an artist, you have a few extra permissions on your profile page, such as permission to change your profile information or upload projects!

Before and after profile urls